julia wallin

always online


my name is julia wallin. i am a developer and a part of appsters đŸĻ€ in stockholm. this is my website with some links to things on the internet that i have been working on.


chipz.biz 😋 a lil' 3D-project i made with my friend amanda.
what should i order (appstore) 🍍 my first app! it helps you to decide what to order for dinner.
custommelodies.com 📡 i coded this dreamy website for grey gersten.
perfectnight.se 💤 my friend needed help knowing what phase the moon was in, so i coded him this.
vasuma.com 👀 i both coded and designed this website for vasuma.
astrobiology.nasa.gov ☄ī¸ when i was working at hello monday i helped nasa out with this website.
exhibitions.guggenheim.org/zero 🎩ī¸ when i was working at hello monday i helped guggenheim out with this website.
lottalundgrengifs.tumblr.com 👑 i am a great lotta lundgren fan and i made her a gif tumblr to celebrate her fabulousness.